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IPOs, Bitcoin & Dow 100K — Are You IN Yet?

Crashing your Bold Profits Daily: Paul here! I had to jump in because Patrick’s predictions are perfectly tied into this new gilded age era of America 2.0.

I first called it more than five years ago — where are the stocks behind self-driving cars? The Internet of Things? 3D printing? Now, we’ve pieced together this Fourth Industrial Revolution puzzle with our mega trends.

And that’s just the beginning… We’re not just in the makings of America 2.0 anymore … we’re IN it. It’s the early innings and the best time to invest. See the details – and my vision for the next five years and beyond – by clicking here.

Investing can be hard if you are unsure about where to put your money.

The fear of losing money can prevent us from making the big gains we’ve all wanted.

Figuring out the market’s direction for next week, next month or even next year can be daunting.

However, today I want to put you at ease, so that you feel 2022 isn’t a Catch 22.

Sure, my predictions for 2022 are big ones. But I’ll show you today that they are within your reach. And how you can profit.

Let’s dive in!

No. 1: 400 IPOs

2021 has been a strong year for the number of IPOs.

So far there’s been 391 traditional IPOs – not including direct listings or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies or SPACs.

That’s a record number of IPOs over the last decade.

Now I think that strong pace can continue.

You see after the Dot.com boom and bust many private companies didn’t want to go public.

This drove capital into the private markets for much of the last two decades, which led to a decline of IPOs each year and the total number of stocks in the stock market.

However, we think the buildup in private valuations will lead to a massive drive to the debuting ticker market, as venture capitalists and early investors look to sell their stake in the public markets.

As of the time of writing this, there are 925 unicorns valued in total over $3 trillion according to CB Insights.

Unicorns are private companies valued over a billion dollars.

Their data also suggests 71% of the current unicorns achieved that status since 2019.

This means there’s a large pipeline of America 2.0 public debuts ready to hit the market of stocks, hence my hunch 2022 will see another strong number of IPOs.

2022 Profit Opportunity: Buy into the Renaissance IPO ETF (NYSE: IPO). IPO is a great way to gain exposure to new companies that have recently gone public.

For more direct stock recommendations, see our strategy designed to capture growth from America 2.0 IPOs.

No. 2: Dow Shakeup

The big macro prediction our team and I have is that the Dow Jones will reach 100K before the end of the decade.

However, this feat is likely not to happen unless the Dow Jones is upgraded from its mostly America 1.0 companies to an America 2.0 Dow 30 index.


The current companies in the index — like Chevron or Visa — don’t reflect where our world is heading.

Gas guzzling cars are being replaced with electric vehicles.

Traditional banks are seeing market share taken away from the likes of fintech companies and decentralized finance.

The bottom line is the world is changing, innovating and solving the old-world problems.

The shakeup could come by replacing Chevron and Visa with America 2.0 leaders like Tesla and Square.

Tesla probably doesn’t need an introduction, but they are a massive player in the EV space…

And Square, along with its Cash App, is providing banking services to businesses and individuals at a lower cost — all from a smartphone.

No. 3: Bitcoin Enters a Third of the Dow

In 2021 I thought at least one company in the Dow Jones was going to put bitcoin on its balance sheet.

We didn’t quite get there in 2021.

Despite that I’m doubling down.

I think TEN companies in the Dow 30 will put bitcoin on its balance sheet.

Bitcoin has been bought up by Tesla, Square and MicroStrategy, but none of the America 1.0 companies.

Yet some in the Dow, like McDonald’s and Walmart, have to accept it because they have locations in El Salvador, which made Bitcoin legal tender this year.

Bitcoin is a better store of value than cash or gold.

It is scarcer than gold and is not controlled by any signal institution like cash is.

This desire to preserve purchasing power is likely to push companies towards the “digital gold” bitcoin.

The Rise of America 2.0

I am #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive) on America 2.0 pushing the Dow to 100K.

But I don’t recommend you buying the Dow index.

I believe you can achieve better returns by investing in America 2.0 stocks and crypto.

The best asset in my opinion to own is bitcoin.

Over the last decade bitcoin’s annualized return has been over 200%, which is impressive to say the least.

If you caught IanCast yesterday, you know our team has big predictions for bitcoin to hit $250K or even $350K as it captures market share from other stores of value.

That’s why I’m recommending buying bitcoin, if you don’t already own some.

It’s an exciting time to be investing in the future — 2022 and all of America 2.0.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

Disruption Beyond the Dow

We are seeing brands like Kohl’s, which has more department stores than anyone, get kicked out of the S&P 500.

But behind this disruption, there’s opportunity.

A life-changing opportunity for getting in on the future leaders taking their place.

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