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Blockchain Buy for Bitcoin-Dow Race to 100K


This is not the stock market you used to know.

The big winners this year — American Express, Home Depot, Chevron — are now “duds.” To me, they represent America 1.0…

And America 1.0 companies are destined for zero over time.

The new winners are emerging now — America 2.0 stocks.

They fall into our mega trend categories. Like Tesla (electric vehicles and batteries), Plug Power (new energy), Teladoc (artificial intelligence and new era medicine)…

Paul believes these new-world players will be the big winners of tomorrow. Especially in the “Supercycle Phase 2!” (See the details here before these stocks rip higher and you lose out on more potential gains.)

But one of the mega trends I am most excited for is blockchain.

Blockchain is a technology fueling bitcoin. And it could act as a catalyst to spark a domino effect for our Dow 100K prediction. Keep reading…

One catalyst can spark a domino effect for our Dow 100K prediction.

It’s a technology fueling bitcoin.

As you know, bitcoin is in a race with the Dow Jones Industrial Average to reach that 100,000 mark. But it could also be the ticket for the Dow to hit that six-figure goal.

Here’s how it would go:

America 2.0 companies invest in bitcoin > those companies replace the old-world ones currently weighing down the Dow > the new Dow soars to 100K!

And you collect crazy gains along the way.

Because now, I’m going to tell you a new way to invest. Remember that tech behind bitcoin?

It’s called blockchain. And it’s already making a splash in the Dow.

I’ll tell you how to invest in it today.

That way, as this domino effect unfolds, you get exposure to the rise of bitcoin and the Dow.


Bitcoin + Blockchain = Dow 100K

One unique thing about bitcoin is it continually trades nonstop 24/7 around the world.

Nothing can stop it.

The stock market runs on a regular business schedule. The Dow Jones Index closed just above 31,600 — a modest 7.8% run since the start of the year.

But while the markets were closed for the long New Year’s weekend, bitcoin celebrated 2021 by climbing to nearly $35,000 a coin.

Remember, I believe bitcoin will win the race and reach 100K before the Dow.

And bitcoin just took the lead in the race against the Dow:

The demand for the cryptocurrency is heating up immensely.

And it’s going to continue in 2021.

Waves of demand will come from institutions — like the companies in the Dow Jones — which is going to push bitcoin’s price even higher.

Now here’s where blockchain comes into play. Think of blockchain tech like an impenetrable digital ledger. It makes electronic transactions simple, secure and fast.

One America 2.0 company in the Dow — Salesforce.com Inc. (NYSE: CRM) — has already created a blockchain product.

To me, this move makes CRM the most likely candidate currently in the Dow to buy bitcoin to put on its balance sheet.

By doing this bitcoin will become part of the Dow Jones — ultimately helping to push its price up to 100,000.

Plus, one of my 2021 predictions were that the company Square Inc. (NYSE: SQ) would be added to the Dow this year — a likely contender to replace the old-world American Express.

You see, SQ is very much a part of the America 2.0 fintech mega trend.

It allows more and more people to create a bank account to transact on their smartphone instead of traditionally going to a brick and mortar bank.

AND Square is already invested in bitcoin!

Now, I’m not recommending you buy SQ right now. I have a far better way for you to capture massive gains from companies investing in bitcoin and blockchain.

Your Blockchain Buy Before Dow 100K

Right now, the current Dow is lagging behind the new world because it still has America 1.0 companies weighing it down.

We’re watching it transform as the new replaces the old, but we want you to be able to profit on the way.

You can generate incredible returns by investing in America 2.0.

And one way is to tap into the huge upside in the crypto-sphere through the blockchain tech behind it.

Blockchain is set to disrupt more than $160 trillion from almost every industry you can think of — real estate, banking, shipping…

Paul wrote an in-depth report on how blockchain will change the world. And he recommends his favorite stock for it in the Profits Unlimited open model portfolio.

He’s also focused on targeting stocks that are part of America 2.0’s takeover with mega trends such as bitcoin, crypto and blockchain.

Click here to see his full blockchain presentation now.

Any way you look at it, investing in the future looks bright as 2021 begins!

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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