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STM 736% Gain Using THIS Strong Hands Strategy

Investing in the stock market is not for the faint of heart.

It takes grit, gumption and fearlessness.

Stock investing is very volatile.

One day your portfolio positions are up, the next day they’re down.

The right stocks can help realize gains of hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars, while the wrong stocks can dole 100% losses.

It’s a gamble.

But one thing is for certain … you must be in it to win it!

And today, I’m going to show you why it pays to have Strong Hands — including how our America 2.0 portfolio investors locked in 736% by holding through volatility.

Turning $10K Into $700K by Holding Strong Hands!

No stock or index will rise or fall in a straight line.

Take major U.S. indexes, for example.

They’ve had their fair share of up and down trading days, but over time their total gain is significant:

During the past 20 years, the Nasdaq Index is up 801% while the Russell 2000, the Dow and the S&P 500 are up well over 400%.

Even when accounting for the financial crisis of 2007-2008, where indices like the Nasdaq lost as much as 56% of its value, investors who held tight with Strong Hands captured life-changing gains on its rebound.

A study by Fidelity Investments said this:

Staying invested through the market’s ups and downs gives investors a better chance to reach their long-term goals. If an investor were out of the market for just the best five return-days over the lifetime of their investments, it could have a meaningful impact to their returns.

Hypothetically, Fidelity found a $10,000 initial investment from January 1, 1980, to March 31, 2020, invested for all days in the market would have turned into $697,421.

Missing just 30 of the best market trading days during the same time frame would have turned a $10,000 investment into a smaller total gain of $115,481.

A difference of $581,940. Astonishing!

Closer to home, take one of Paul Mampilly’s first stock recommendations in his monthly Profits Unlimited newsletter.

On June 1, 2016, he recommended members buy shares in STMicroelectronics NV.

Over the next five years, STMicroelectronics experienced four major bouts of declines and volatility.

One decline as great as 54%:

But fast forward to yesterday, January 11, 2022.

Paul issued a sell recommendation for STMicroelectronics NV (STM).

Those who were not shaken out and held strong on this recommendation have now realized gains as much as 700% or more!

Notable and sustainable wealth is made over time.

Remember, we recommend holding our stocks for a minimum of one to three years.

And our focus is on America 2.0 investing.

He coined the term “America 2.0” to describe a new economic and manufacturing boom that is being driven by a variety of next-generation technological innovations, industrial upgrades and consumer trends.

This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It will remake the world we live in and the U.S. manufacturing sector.

The mega trends driving America 2.0 are creating a whole new-world economy that is leaving old-world industries, manufacturers and traditional businesses behind.

Collectively, they add up to the greatest tech revolution in modern history — a new American manufacturing renaissance. (See our strategy details here.)

Some of the main America 2.0 mega trends include the Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence, precision medicine, 3D printing, financial technology (fintech), renewable energy, the millennial generation, infrastructure 2.0 and more.

The lesson of the story is … depending on your life’s goals and investment time frame, don’t be shaken out with weak hands. Be strong and of good courage!

To get started investing the America 2.0 way, here are some steps you can take today…

Your America 2.0 Cheat Sheet

If you’re new to investing and/or seeking to invest in stocks shaping our future, look no further than Bold Profits.

To get started, here are three simple steps to follow:

1. Set up your #A20 portfolio the right way today. Before you begin your America 2.0 stock investing journey, make sure to follow our Rules of the Investing Game (#ROTG), which are:

Never make an all-in bet.
Equal weight your positions in your portfolio.
Build your positions over time. Meaning don’t dump your money in all at once. Rather put a little bit of money in over the course of a few weeks or a few months.
Take profits on the way up.
Keep cash on the side.

2. Buy into America 2.0 innovators. Before you buy another stock, read this and check off these essential boxes to build a stellar America 2.0 portfolio. It’s a three-point America 2.0 investing checklist to help you weed out the America 1.0 companies.

3. Add shares of ARK Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKK) to your portfolio. This exchange-traded fund (ETF) invests in stocks that are directly tied to the theme of disruptive innovation and America 2.0.

BONUS: If you want Paul’s specific stock recommendations (like STM), you can unlock his America 2.0 portfolio. Check out the details about how technologies of the future are remaking America today.

Market volatility can be emotionally stressful to sit through and ride out.

But just like the Profits Unlimited members who’ve held tight to America 2.0 investments like STMicroelectronics, a potentially profitable reward can be yours with patience, tenacity and courage.

Until next time,

Amber LancasterDirector of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

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