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The Story Behind Paul & Ian’s Dynamic Duo

You’ve seen them on IanCast, but do you know the story of how Paul and Ian became the superstar team they are today?

It’s a great story and we’ll let Paul tell you himself.

But more importantly, we want to let you know they are working on something special for you.

All the details will be revealed next week on TWOs-day (Tuesday 2.22.22) at our “Profit Boost Event.” Head over here and set your reminder. Then take a look:

Ian started as a humble customer service rep … but he wanted more out of life.

So, he fought for a junior analyst position on my team and we gave him a shot.

It wasn’t long before I saw his potential and began mentoring him.

That was just four or five years ago.

Today, he’s my right-hand man. He gives me a ton of support behind the scenes.

And that’s a big part of why I wanted to be the one interviewing him.

Because while my face and name are on everything Bold Profits, it really is a team effort.

And no one appreciates their hard work more than I do.

So, I’m putting the spotlight on Ian and the incredible work he’s doing. And I mean incredible.

He helped several of our readers make over $100,000 in about a year, starting with as little as $20,000!


By showing them how to BOOST their profits on stocks they already own from Profits Unlimited.

Long story short, they are taking additional profits from winning stocks I’ve recommended without selling a single share!

They’ve been making these trades four times … five times … as many as eight times on a single stock!

And making gains anywhere from 10% to 150% in an average of 35 days.

In a few days’ time, I’ll be inviting you into my home to hear Ian reveal how he’s been doing it.

He’s helped our Strong Hands Nation make so much money at this point, I want to make sure every single one of my 120,000+ readers have the opportunity to join them.

Can’t wait to see you there,


Click here to check out the details about this special event!

And keep reading to see what you may have missed this week from Paul and his superstar team…

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Your Bold Profits Team

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