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Paul Wants You to Hear This…

No. 1: We have the pitch-perfect strategy for the end of the globalization world.

We could already see this from the supply chain problems we were having as a result of the pandemic.

But the Ukraine-Russia event confirms it.

The only way forward is innovation … to grow through its adoption, use and implementation.

And this is exactly what we are set up to benefit from across our portfolios.

No. 2: Now is NOT the time to sell:

many people are going to want to sell into this rally either out of exhaustion, disbelief and relief. remember that the market does not know your feelings. long bull runs often begin after a big event driven spike down move followed by a rebound like what we saw yesterday

— 🇺🇸Paul Mampilly (@MampillyGuru) February 25, 2022

(Read the full thread here.)

It’s important to stay IN now more than ever. Our time is coming. Stay #BOP. Stay Strong Hands.

This Week You Can See…

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Your America 2.0 Stock Profit Booster. Nothing has changed. Our stocks are doing exactly what we want: growing. And for the super bulls looking to use these dirt-cheap prices as a buy opportunity, here’s a strategy for you.
Market Outlook — Russia/Ukraine War. In my three-decades-long investing career, through market corrections, crashes, recessions, inflation, interest rate spikes — and yes, even wars — I can tell you that staying IN through these periods is when it absolutely matters the most.
Why You Don’t Want to Sell Too Early. We believe — like in 2020 — we’re going to see a surge of acceleration. Now is not the time to sell … this scenario is shifting in our favor for growth stocks and crypto.


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