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5 ETFs Paul’s Buying — But You Can Do Better

It would be awesome for the markets to go on a consistent run day after day and week after week.

We’ll get there.

We’re just not there yet.

For now, Paul is along for this ride with you.

He’s been using this time as a buy moment. And upped his game in America 2.0 growth sectors like tech, robotics, artificial intelligence, genomics and 3D printing:

These exchange-traded funds (ETFs) hold a lot of our stocks — which he’s not allowed to buy because they are for you.

But he’s stoked to have exposure:

I am stoked to have a lot of exposure to 3D printing. When I think about the crisis, 3D printing is the answer to so many things.

Bring back production and making of things to America, which would be the easiest and best way to increase our security.

And when I look at ARK ETFs they are so similar to our thinking. They own Coinbase, Robinhood and all the stocks I would choose to buy.

I wish I could buy them. I prefer to own the stocks themselves. Generally speaking, individual stocks are going to go up way more than an ETF.

The good news is — unlike Paul — you can own the stocks for America 2.0!

In fact, we have a 3D-printing stock recommendation that could actually remake America.

You can see how to get this and our other model portfolio stocks by clicking here and going all-IN on America 2.0!

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