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Growth & Crypto: BIG Moves Coming

America 2.0 (#A20) growth stocks are seeing crazy volatility. But where else are you going to go?

America 1.0 is in a waterfall decline.

Around 50 of the big blue chips in the S&P 500 are not expecting to make enough cash this year to cover all their interest, dividends and share buybacks.

People crowd into blue chips during times like this… Now they might wanna rethink that.

On the flip side, nearly all of our #A20 companies showed growth after this earnings season.

This is a no-brainer moment for growth AND crypto right now.

We talk about bitcoin’s price speculations a lot, but now we’re seeing exactly why bitcoin was created in the first place.

And that can create even more crypto demand. Check it out:


Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

P.S. You’ve seen crazy volatility — companies losing upward of 25% in one day.

But there’s no reason to panic.

Zoom out. I’ve looked, and I’ve not seen a single one of the companies in our services with negative sales growth. Their technology and their innovation are still incredible.

So, it’s a Strong Hands moment… In fact, it’s a buy moment in my opinion.

In this video, Paul talks about how new technology is going to change the way we drive, shop and work. And we’re not that far off.

If your hands are strong and you’re feeling #BOP, click here to watch now…

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