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How to find the cheapest gas near you

A customer pumps gasoline into his car at a service station in San Francisco.
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Russia’s war on Ukraine has been rapidly increasing the price of crude oil on supply fears, and the impact is falling on consumers at the pump.

Gasoline prices just hit the highest level since 2008, making the national average for a regular gallon of gas $4.065, according to AAA. In some areas, prices are much higher. In California, for example, the average was $5.343 as of Monday morning.

You can save money by using apps like GasBuddy to find the stations with the lowest prices near you. And it lets you sort by fuel type, payment method, gas station brand and more. Here’s what to do.


Getting started

Download the GasBuddy app, either on Apple’s App Store or on Google Play.Open GasBuddy and tap “Sign Up.”Enter your email and zip codeYou’ll need to share your location, a feature that can be turned off in your phone settings later on.

Picking gas

Tap the “find gas” tab on the bottom of your screen.You’ll be able to pick which fuel type you prefer. GasBuddy lets you filter for regular, midgrade, premium, diesel, UNL88 and E85. I’ll chose “regular” for the demonstration screenshot above.The app shows a list of stations and their prices from low-to-high. It also tells you the range of prices. For example, in one Los Angeles area, prices range from $4.99 to $5.99.You can filter by payment method, ratings, brands and amenities, like restrooms or stations that are open 24/7.Once you settle on a station, you can click on the one you want. That will show you its full address, directions, ratings, reviews and amenities.The app will also ask you to report gas prices at the station, so you can help others get accurate information.

That’s it! Now you’ve learned how to find the lowest gas prices near you.

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